Diona Campbell’s Amazing Weight Loss Story

Diona Campbell’s Amazing Weight Loss Story

Diona’s has lost a whopping 38kg’s! She is living proof that lifestyle, consistently attending her Top Coach sessions and her determination has contributed to tremendous health benefits and weight loss. Diona, we just can’t get over how good you look and feel now! 

Diona writes: “ At the start of 2020, I was significantly overweight, unfit and extremely unhealthy. The negative impact this was having on both my physical and mental health was at an all-time high. In mid-2020, after adding a few extra Covid kilos to the mix, I decided if things were ever going to get better, I needed to make some changes to my lifestyle (sounds simple enough, but was a bit of an epiphany for me at the time!)… so I did!  I joined SuperFastDiet (SFD) in June 2020, an intermittent fasting program that really taught me how to incorporate healthy eating and intermittent fasting into my everyday lifestyle, and that you can also enjoy food and eat whatever you want… just in moderation. 

After a few weeks of starting SFD, I started training with the inspirational team at Top Coach and I haven’t looked back since. Chris, Leisa, Jonus and Georgia are truly experts at helping people who haven’t exercised in a long time. They start you at the beginning and slowly build up your strength and fitness whilst ensuring that the correct techniques are always used to avoid any injuries. I am now fitter and stronger than I have ever been in my life, and it truly is an amazing (and addictive) feeling!  I aim to train at Top Coach every day where possible – it’s a great way to start the morning and I always leave feeling energised and ready for the rest of my day!

12 months down the track and I have lost:

  • 37.7kg
  • 47cm from my waist
  • 34cm from my hips
  • Size 18-20 down to size 10 (and even a pair of size 8 jeans!) 
  • I no longer need to take blood pressure medication and my cholesterol and triglycerides have dropped back into the healthy range!

I didn’t have to wait 12 months to start feeling better. Both mentally and physically I started feeling happier within just a few short weeks! Because I was not crash dieting or doing any crazy exercise plan that was too hard for me, the lifestyle changes I made were actually pretty easy and simple to incorporate into my daily routine and maintain long term.”

Thanks, Diona. This is such a great inspirational story for all those starting out on the Winter Weight Loss Challenge. You will all see Diona in the studio training most days so make sure you let her know you are starting your journey!

Photo Below: 19th June 2021