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Please follow the steps below on how to access and complete the Pre Training Questionnaire.

Steps to complete our Pre Training Questionnaire

Step 1:  Click on the button below which takes you to our PT Minder online booking system. NOTE: When you get to this page you will see class timetable. Please ignore these for now and see Step 2.

Step 2: Click on the ‘SIGN UP’ button in the top right hand corner just under the member login option on the PT Minder page. (There is no fee for creating an account)

Step 3: Fill in all your details to create an account.

Step 4: Complete the Pre Training Questionnaire that appears when you create your new account. And then click Submit.

Step 5: We will contact you and organise a complimentary consultation with one of our experienced professional trainers.

Things you need to know

If you are considering joining the Top Coach Team there are some things you need to know about packages, pricing and what it means to be a member.

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