Scientific research indicates HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) ensures weight loss comes from fat stores and not muscle and Fat continues to burn for 24 hours after your workout. (No other training does that). 

By pushing your body out if its comfort zone through a range of strength, functional and cardio activities quickly, your body doesn’t have time to adjust. 

The outcome – a more efficient work out that burns more fat, giving you the results you want faster.
Feel amazing – Its not easy but when you’ve finished, you’ll feel great! The endorphins will kick in and you’ll be ready to tackle anything the world throws at you.

Our 50 minutes HIIT training sessions are heart-pumping fun, and you will be surprised how fast that time flies and just how sweaty you can get! 

If you want fast results in a fun, team environment try a 7-day-trial at Top Coach and see why we’re known as the best Group Fitness Training gyms in Port Stephens. 

The pumping tunes, and the challenging yet rewarding nature of our group fitness classes will create bonds that turn teammates into friends.

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