Why High Intensity Functional Training is taking the World by Storm

It’s unique, it’s fun and it’s highly addictive!

What is it?

Class based interval training program with a range of strength, functional and cardio activities, pushing your body out if its comfort zone quickly, so it doesn’t have time to adjust.

Integrates two popular fitness trends into one: High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT), and Functional Training, which improves your body for tasks it performs every day without getting injured. Explosive, energy packed and the atmosphere sets an awesome workout environment.

Why do people love it?

It’s fast. You workout hard, but you see results quickly too, and it’s all over in one hour. Workouts are never the same, so you don’t get bored. This keeps your body constantly guessing and out of its comfort zone, therefore always improving.

Scientific research indicates HIIT ensures weight loss comes from fat stores and not muscle and Fat continues to burn for 24 hours after your workout. (No other training does that)

Induce excess post-exercise oxygen consumption ( EPOC) -elevated oxygen consumption, thus kilojoules expenditure which equals longer kilojoule burn following exercise. Oxidise (Burn) fat at a higher rate. Increase VO2 Max (the body’s upper limit for consuming, distributing and using oxygen for energy production)

Who is it for?

Anyone looking for accelerated results. (Not recommended for Beginners). Those who feel they are not committed to their current fitness routine and need fresh inspiration.

To get the full benefits of HIIT workouts, you need an expert that knows how to safely challenge you and push you outside of your comfort zone (to where you get results).

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