New To Fitness Or Haven’t Exercised In A Long Time? Is This You?

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If exercise hasn’t been a regular part of your life, learn from the experts at Top Coach.

Most people have taken “years” to become unfit or out of shape and then expect it to take days or weeks to get back there.  Unfortunately, almost everybody begins with good intentions, joins those already fit, and tries to keep up. They begin an exercise program trying to do far too much too soon, exercising at a high intensity every day and end up sick of training or worse, they get injured and are out for good.

When you’ve had a long time off, you become weak in certain areas causing imbalances. These need to be strengthened first. By taking your time, your program becomes sustainable and realistic as a long term lifestyle option, not just a short term goal that is too challenging and exhausting to maintain.

Top Coach will start you slowly, building you up while teaching you the correct techniques to reduce your chances of injury, gradually improving your fitness and confidence before progressing you to the next level. Plus, you will be with others, so there’s no need to feel embarrassed or uncomfortable. 

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