Our focus will be on helping you achieve the goals you have provided. If your goal changes or you feel you are not progressing, please let us know. Also, if you would like to be pushed more (or just encouraged) we need to know as well. Help us, help you.


The timetable is available on the website and face book each Sunday after lunch. Please check it each week as the times and venues may change and are determined by weather, numbers, trainer availability, etc. Also, with the exciting growth of Top Coach, we are always adding extra sessions.


Your health is the most precious asset you have and its totally in your control. You now have the best training available. But we can only help you if you help us. You should be aiming for a minimum of three sessions per week if you want to achieve results. More if you can and walking/running in between for maximum results. Two per week, the progress will be slower. One session a week is merely maintenance at best. To achieve your goals the more sessions you do the better. Remember, all you have to do is show up!


You have made a commitment by signing up to Top Coach and we WILL hold you accountable. If you don’t train by Wednesday, we send an email to find out what happened to you. If we don’t see you all week, you go on the search party list…so lookout!


Your membership entitles you to the best available professional advice in Health and Fitness. Email us your questions anytime and while you may not receive an immediate reply we will get back to you. if you need any help or would like to be shown how to do a certain exercise properly or shown the best mobility drills you should be doing before your sessions, then please email us and we will arrange to meet you 15 minutes before your session if you give us enough notice. Please keep this in mind, as these drills will constantly change as you deal with your imbalances and will need to be updated.

Anything we don’t know or is outside our scope of practice we will refer you to another health professional who we believe is the best in that field and consistent with our brand.  Disclosure: We do not receive commissions or kick backs.


It really helps us, yourself and everybody else, if you book in for your session. At least six hours in advance. This allows us time to organise an additional trainer for large numbers, adjust the program to focus on your specific goals or organise alternative exercises/equipment, if you have any injury concerns. In addition, you will be automatically notified of any venue changes. However, unless you book at least six hours in advance, there is no point, as we will not have enough time to organise an additional trainer for larger numbers or make adjustments to the program. Please Note: If there are no bookings, the session may not go ahead.  You can also download the Top Coach App onto to your mobile device from the App store which is a handy tool to book or cancel your sessions.

Please No Texts 

Kindly only book or cancel by the booking system or if it’s too late to cancel feel free to email us only, as all the email addresses are linked and can easily be passed on to the trainer who is instructing the session. Texts only go to the one person, and if one of us is away or taking the session, etc they can’t be answered or may be overlooked.


However, if it’s an emergency, like the trainer is not there, please ring Leisa on 0432 196 682 or alternatively Chris Kennedy on 0432 795 851. (Check website first)

VIP: Injuries

Any injury concerns please email us in advance and let us know. Emails inform all trainers and enable us to review your history, refer to your specialists recommendations, and adjust your information accordingly. It also gives us time to make changes to the program or organise to meet you privately before your session. Remember, caring for you is a core part of our brand.


If you see a specialist, please keep us updated on the diagnosis they make, the exercises they recommend you do or avoid as soon as possible. If we don’t hear from you, we assume it’s all fixed up and you’re good to go!

Parking at the Studio

Please help us be good neighbours! We are not permitted to use the neighbours car parks marked 2, 3, 4 and 5. Please make use of the roadside parking spaces.

Face book

We place events, postponements, cancellations and interesting articles on face book each day, so please  ‘like’ our page:

Children Participating in Sessions

Parents must Sign the Children’s Waiver Form. However, they must pre book at least six hours in advance and have done 2-3 beginners session first or book in for an initial consultation.


We highly recommend you make a minimum 12 week commitment and train at least 3-5 times per week. The sessions are designed so you receive the right amount of resistance/cardio/core to achieve outstanding outcomes. If you can not commit to at least three training sessions a week, then you are simply not serious about your health and fitness. We do not recommend casual sessions or passes but do have theses available for people who have no choice or tourists etc.

To achieve your goals the more sessions you do the better. All you have to do is show up!


Casual Session: $28

Casual Weekly $66

Student Casual Session: $15

10 Session Pass $250

Personal Training $88 hour (Member’s $66)

Tailored Programs $30

Joining Top Coach

All packages include an initial one on one private personal training session, then on-going every six months.

Single Unlimited Sessions Package $44.00 (Weekly)

Couples Unlimited Sessions Package $77.00 (Weekly)

Family Unlimited Sessions Package $99.00 (Weekly) – (Two adults and Two school children)

Student Unlimited Sessions Package $29.00 (Weekly) – Please provide Student identification Card

Please note ALL Unlimited Packages above are Managed by Debit Success

Debit Success is a full service billing system for collecting recurring direct debit and credit card payments service on behalf of Top Coach. This is a costly service but gives us more time to focus on what we are good at – training. There is a one off Top Coach joining fee of $38.00 when you submit your membership.

Other Packages Available:

Weight Loss Package

Fortnightly measurements, daily emails, tailored programs for home, full accountability. Access to the new TC Weight Loss Challenge App.

$22 per week in addition to your package above.

Premium Package

Single Unlimited, weekly measurements, daily emails, full accountability. Access to the new TC Weight Loss Challenge App. Tailored programs for home and one private session per week

$110 per week.


Please note, these are only available with us direct (So we do not have to pay Debit Success their commissions or joining fees) and payments must be made directly to:

Bank Account Details:

Account Name: Top Coach

BSB: 012 767

Account Number: 2241 450 81

Reference: Please put your full name

Singles Packages Payment in Advance 

Three months $499 ($72 discount)

Six months $899 ($245 discount)

One year in advance $1599 ($689 discount)

Couples Packages Payment in Advance

Three months $799 ($200 discount)

Six months $1599 ($500 discount)

One year in advance $2999 ($1000 discount)


We are able to offer you a maximum of two suspensions each year (Unless special circumstances with a medical certificate) when we can put a hold on your membership deductions or change your type of package. However, you will need to give Top Coach at least one weeks’ notice to apply for the suspension by sending us an email.

Debit Success Memberships – each suspension must start and end on a fee payment day. Once those dates are confirmed, they can’t be changed. Debit Success charges your account a weekly administration fee of $2.50 during the suspension period.

Upfront Packages – there is no fee charged and your suspension date will be added to the end of your package.

Debit Success

Please be careful to ensure that you always have adequate funds available to meet your payments as the fee for a failed direct debit is currently $10.00 or if you have any changes to your credit card or bank account details to inform Debit Success on 1800 148 848.  Cancellation of a membership requires a minimum of seven days notice.