Star of the Month Phil Reid

This month’s vote goes to one outstanding achiever, Phil Reid. Phil has come along in leaps and bounds and is now just unstoppable. He started with a partial frozen shoulder and thought he would just have to put up with it for life. But after a couple of weeks of beginners he progressed to intermediate and now Advanced. Phil is very consistent and his progress has been sensational! He writes: “When I started Top Coach I had a partial frozen Shoulder from a Motorcycle accident a couple of years earlier, this was something that I lived with and accepted that it would be the like this for the rest of my life.
I’ve always been the sort of person who could get away with eating whatever I wanted without putting weight on, that is until my early 30’s when I noticed that certain clothes were starting to get a bit tight around the waist! It was then I thought to myself ‘this is a slippery slope and that I had better do something about it.’
My initial goal was to start actively exercising for the first time in my life, improve my general fitness and tone up. This however became secondary as I noticed the huge improvements in the range of movement in my shoulder.

Since I have been exercising, I have pretty much gained full range of movement back in my shoulder, and it it stronger than it has ever been in my life. Additionally my Cardio and general fitness has gone through the roof. Plus, I never expected to make the huge progress and improvement with my shoulder.

Despite it being group sessions, the coaches are always there and eager to give out very personalised advice, catering to your specific needs. Without this specific coaching I would not be where I am now.

The sessions are always very fun and varied. It’s this unique mix of classes that cater for all people of all fitness levels that make Top Coach stand out from the rest. What you have at Top Coach are four unique coaches who coach in their different ways, bringing with it a broad spectrum of knowledge. They are in it for the passion and it shows.

With the people that go, there are no ego’s, and no mirrors. Everybody of all fitness levels are made to feel welcome. If you are doing something wrong you will get corrected, if you are doing it right you will get a pat on the back. The encouragement is always there, and even though it is group classes they are very personalised no matter how busy it may be.”