The Team


Chris Kennedy

“After contesting for the Australian Heavyweight Boxing title, I retired from boxing but I was broke. I was running boot camps while bouncing in nightclubs on the weekends. I thought I knew everything and there was only one way to train. No pain, no gain. But even though I had good numbers in my boot camps everybody was constantly injured and they became unsustainable.

Then I worked in a gym and the focus shifted to selling memberships and leaving the clients to do their best. I couldn’t see a future in the fitness industry. My profile gave me a following and I became the pied piper of night club promoters. Eventually, I owned three nightclubs and was making obscene amounts of money. I didn’t do any exercise for ten years. But my greatest asset was spiralling out of control. I finally became sick and tired of being “sick and tired.” I reached rock bottom and had to turn my life around. I had to become healthy again. But every time I tried, I got injured. Cat scans, X-rays, Physios, chiropractors, naturopaths, sports massage. You name it. I tried it.  But it was always a band aid. I tried different types of training. Different sports, another injury and back to the unhealthy lifestyle. I had more comebacks than Johnny Farnham but I couldn’t break the cycle. Nobody ever told me it was the type of training I was doing that was causing my injuries. Now, at 60, I’m stronger, fitter and healthier than 98% 0f twenty year olds and have the opportunity to show others how to do the same.”


Leisa Meredith

Fit and Fabulous at Fifty!

“I started this business because I knew there was a need out there for women to learn how to train properly and become stronger without having that bulky look, reduce their risk of injury and most of all, avoid operations.

I used to have that “blown up shoulders look” from working out at gyms. I always did the Pump classes with all my friends but I had no idea how too many of the wrong types of upper body exercises give you muscles in all the wrong places. This was also causing my neck pain and headaches. There’s not enough focus on the posterior muscles which if they are out of balance we get injured.

Nobody teaches you about how important Pelvic Floor exercises are. We are taught that Core is sit ups and crunches which make things worse.

My expertise specialises in core exercises for women who have had children and I’ve designed a butt workout that is not only great for your pelvic floor but shapes your butt the way you want it to look like a figure champion does!”


Georgia Meredith


Josh Mann