Our Timetable changes weekly and is available after lunch each Sunday.

We instruct over Sixty Sessions per week both Indoors and Outdoors, From 5:oo am until 7:30 pm every week day. Plus we train Saturday and Sunday mornings and Public Holidays.

Session Levels:

  • Beginners- These sessions focus on teaching you how to do each exercise correctly, strengthening your imbalances, while building a base and gradually becoming fitter.
  • Beginners Weights, Circuit, Learn to Box, Learn to run- ideal once you have done a week or two of beginners.
  • All Levels- Best suited after at least two weeks of beginners or when advised by your trainer.
  • Intermediate- Please wait until you are advised you are ok to attend these sessions as they can be quite challenging.
  • Intermediate/Advanced- For those who wish to be challenged.
  • Advanced- For those who wish to be pushed and further challenged. (Please advise us if you wish to be included in this group).

To view the weekly timetable you need to login to our booking system. Once you are logged in you will be able to book in for your sessions.

Please remember that you need to book at least 6 hours before each session.

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New to Top Coach?

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All of our Outdoor sites/locations are booked and licensed with Port Stephens Council