Top Coach Boxing Tips

By Chris Kennedy

We all know boxing is a great exercise for burning those calories, increasing your lung capacity/cardiovascular fitness, stress relief and best of all, improving your confidence and self-esteem. But not everybody knows how to box. At Top Coach , we have specific “Learn To Box Beginner’s” Sessions whereby we teach you the following:

Warm Up
Do a proper warm up with mobility drills to loosen those tight thoracic muscles. Switch your glutes and core on with activation drills as you will need these at full capacity. Then move on to some dynamic shadow sparring. Not only will this dramatically decrease your chances of injury but it will increase your punching power. Power equals strength times speed, so you must have your muscles as “loose as a goose”.

Learn Proper Technique.
Concentrate on good form first before you speed it up. Hitting the pads with bad technique not only produces less power, but tires you more quickly and may lead to injury.

Punch From The Chin
Every punch should have your hands starting and finishing at your chin. Extend both arms fully on the left jab and right cross. Your wrist should be in a neutral position as you make contact. Flush on the pad. Any up or downward tilt may cause wrist injuries. Learn how to strengthen your wrists properly in Beginners. Otherwise wrapping your wrists will reduce the risk of a wrist injury.

Use Your Legs
You cannot punch hard without using your legs. Weight shift from one leg to another using your body weight. You need to rotate your torso and drive through your legs. Transferring your body weight from the foot on the ground behind you to land on the end of your fist.

Work On Your Weaknesses
In Boxing, as in any type of conflict, the more weapons you have, the greater your advantage, so one must first develop equal power in both hands. Throw more punches from your weaker arm until it tires. Ensure your core is strong and correctly balanced. Develop strong glutes.

Holding your breath is a common mistake during boxing. Instead, exhale as you strike.

Don’t throw hooks until you have perfected your left jab and have equal power in both hands.  The hook requires a totally different body movement. You must twist your front foot and lift your elbow high so that all your power lands at the end of your fist. A slight bend in your wrist can damage the tendons. Most new people hurt their wrists doing hooks.

Never do upper body Plyometrics (push ups, dips etc..) or Weights before or during boxing. Especially if you have neck or shoulder problems. They use totally different muscles. You may damage your rotator muscles as they can’t adjust for the specific impact. Weights and push-ups etc tighten your muscles. Always do them AFTER you’ve finished boxing.

Want to learn proper boxing technique? 

At Top Coach, you can learn and master the proper boxing techniques to boost your confidence. Our programs have been personally designed by former Queensland Heavyweight Boxing Champion Chris Kennedy rated by the Gold Coast Bulletin as faster than Tony Mundine (Nov 1986) So you know you will be taught correctly, not just a box fit certificate that any trainer can purchase for a few dollars.

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