If you are new to fitness, haven’t trained for a while, we highly recommend you book in for a free consultation to familiarise you with our systems and help you understand your imbalances.
Then we can start working on strengthening your specific weaknesses with our Beginners Sessions. We teach you the correct techniques to dramatically reduce your chance of injury, while also building a ‘solid foundation’, before you feel you are ready to step up to the next level and increase the intensity.
Our Training Philosophy is: “It’s Not How Hard You Train. It’s How You Train Hard”. We believe you can avoid almost any injury if you know how. We have a proud history of taking on clients with chronic injuries and they magically ‘disappear.’

Once you are ready, you can move up to Intermediates so we can focus on your goal.  Then its just a matter of how far you want to go. The advanced sessions are there to really challenge you.

 We mix it up so you never know exactly what your work out is going to be until you arrive and keep you on track by doing a Fitness Assessment and Measurements every three months.

Book in for a free no obligation consultation 0432196682