So happy for my Mum ?❤️

Not much sleep the night before and thinking of my mum, who is 75 and travelled into the John Hunter Hospital on Thursday, scheduled to have a Hip Operation at 8:00am. My daughter Georgia and I were watching when that time was to come around. Georgia said “in 4 minutes Nan will be having the operation.” ? feeling nervous for her.

Wow! Then I received a phone call from mum saying “I’m not having the hip operation, this is a magic day”!

Her surgeon re-checked her before her operation. Then he got the head surgeon Dr. Helman in for another opinion. He told her while she could still have the operation, in his opinion, she didn’t need it because she had increased her flexibility, mobility and strength in her hips!

Mum has been consistently coming to Top Coach sessions and she kept saying all the time “I don’t want this operation, just want to keep myself strong.” I kept telling her, just keep coming and doing all the exercises and at the very least, the exercises would help her with the recovery of her operation. Well all the work she did at Top Coach well and truely paid off!!

It’s days like this I understand why it’s so important to get our message out there to everyone. 

In today’s society, we sit down too much and are bending over to work on our computers. We lose what we were born with.

But unfortunately when we exercise, while we have good intentions, we focus far too much on the anterior (mirror) muscles making our imbalances worse. We have to balance our muscles properly by spreading the load and also focusing on those posterior muscles.

Further, most women tend to focus too much on flexibility while most men tend to focus too much on strength. But we need all three: Mobility, Flexibility and Strength. Too much of one or not enough of the other causes imbalances and eventually our pain.

Leisa Meredith