What is the Difference Between Top Coach YouTube & Top Coach On Demand?

It is great to see so many people loving our Zoom sessions whilst we have been in lockdown. It’s an excellent reward for all the time the team has put into it. 

As requested, we have recorded all the best of the Zoom sessions and now have most of them on the Top Coach On Demand website. (Huge Library now!)These will be available if you are going away and decide not to suspend your membership. The passwords change regularly, so please email if you have trouble logging in.

Here is the link below for Top Coach On Demand:https://www.topcoachondemand.com.au/on-demand-videos/

However, this is different from our Top Coach YouTube channel.

We publish on Top Coach YouTube short videos of how to do each particular exercise, mobility drill, stretch, etc. Please subscribe to Top Coach YouTube & ‘Like’ any of the videos you see. Place in comments if you have any questions. Email us if there is a particular exercise you would like to see on there. 
Here is the link below for YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCvK6FCzNqBIWkQAvOzP_eiw

All of the above are complimentary with your membership.